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Mamma Mia Made in Sweden
The Restaurant

Kamala Beach

Our restaurant is in the beautiful village of Kamala, where we have a restaurant with a spectacular location on the beach of the Andaman sea.

The beef we serve to our customers in the Mamma Mia restaurants is always of the highest quality and imported from Australia. And as often as we can we serve you beef from Angus cattle.

The prices you see in the meny is what you end up paying. There are no hidden charges written with small letters at the end of the menu about service charge or any taxes.

Kamala Beach

Outdoor dining area: Full accessibility

Indoor dining area: There is no indoor dining area

WC: Full accessibility

Imported Steaks
No service charge

Maybe not made in Sweden but made in Thailand by Swedes. We who run and own the Mamma Mia Restaurants are all Swedish and we have been working and managing restaurants for more than 70 years, if we count our years in the business together. We have a lot of experience from restaurants. Both from the kitchen and the dining area. And we really try to do our best to make this experience show in the work we do.

Mamma Mia Wheelchair friendly